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"I’m a beautiful flower"

Too funny


This is the house that they say inspired the story of Disney’s UP. It’s in Ballard, Seattle. And yes, it’s in the middle of a huge shopping mall because of Edith Macefield.

When developers knocked on Edith Macefield’s door, bribing her with a million dollars to bulldoze her little home and its surroundings so they could plop a mall in its place, she declined the offer with this solid statement: 

"Where would I go? I don’t have any family and this is my home. My mother died here, on this very couch. I came back to America from England to take care of her. She made me promise I would let her die at home and not in some facility, and I kept that promise. And this is where I want to die. Right in my own home. On this couch." 

And so they built the mall around her house. Shockingly enough, the construction chief, Barry Martin, found himself building more than just a mall, but also a friendship with Edith Macefield. 

Barry Martin looked after Edith Macefield until she died of cancer at the age of 87. She ended up willing her home to him. Barry Martin not only fixed the home’s walls and windows up, but is also working on making it a memorial and locals have come to support with a “Macefield Music Festival.”  

These are the kind of amazing stories happening around the world that inspire the even more amazing stories that we learn to love and tell around the world through things such as Disney movies.

Get out there. Get inspired. Share your story.  

Glen Coco